Inspection: By conducting a thorough inspection of the roof, attic and around the house we are then able to provide you with all the option that are available to you to take care of your wildlife problem.

Animal Removal: The removal process is done with humane live catching traps or one-way valves that can be attached to the home. The process can take 7 to 14 days just depending on the animal.

Preventing: After the removal process it is always recommended to close up the active entry point along with any potential other spots that wildlife could use to get back into your attic space again.

Attic Clean Up: Attic clean-up is always recommended when wildlife has been living in your attic. The bacteria from them being in there can be bad for your health. There are a couple different methods of clean-up that can be done. One being where the feces is cleaned up and anti-microbial spray is done to treat the attic. The other can be a full attic restoration that takes out all the infected insulation and replaced with new.

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